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Focus Freedive Junior Freediver Course

For ages 12 - 15. This course sets our new generation of freedivers and spearfishermen on the right and safest path to enjoy this sport. Students build safe habits while advancing their watermanship skills and knowledge by learning how to be a responsible and effective diver.

The academics of this course have been specifically adapted by grade school teaching professionals to be easily digestible and fun. The junior freediver practical curricula offer students games and activities that cleverly integrate fundamental freediving skills and key safety protocols. During this course students are trained to dive to a maximum depth of 50 feet (15 meters). Price is $2000 for up to four children. Additional kids are $375 with a maximum of 8 kids per class. Please note that more than 4 kids will require two open water sessions. 


Parents are encouraged to attend with their children.

Junior Freediver

Focus Freedive Intro to Freediving

This course offers you a glimpse into the freediving world.  With tons of new knowledge and skills it can be hard to immediately apply it to open water.  In this course you will learn the fundamentals of freediving, and apply that knowledge to skills you will practice in a pool.  From there you will be able to take those skills and practice as much as you need before heading into the open ocean to finish the Level 1 Freediver certification.

Duration: 1 day -  5hrs classroom, 3hrs confined water

Prerequisites: must be a competent swimmer

Intro to Freediving

Focus Freedive Level 1 Freediver Course

Whether a complete beginner or an informally trained freediver/spearfisherman with years of experience, this course will set you on the right path to eliminate bad habits and show you the most efficient and safe freedive techniques.

During this course students train the fundamentals of the Fii education system in an easy-to-learn course format operating between the classroom, pool and open water setting. With a high emphasis on freedive safety training and technique development, students master the proper skills to effectively freedive up to depths of 66 feet/20 meters.

Duration: 2 days - minimum 4hrs academic, 3hrs confined water, and 1.5hrs open water depth training

Prerequisites: 16+ years old with competent swimming skills

Level 1 Freediver

Focus Freedive Level 2 Freediver Course

The Level 2 Freediver course builds upon the foundation established during Level 1 by teaching students how to effectively use the human body processes to safely and comfortably operate at up to depths of 100 feet and more.

The physiology information provided during this course will dispel common myths of the average human’s diving ability and target specific practices to harness their full aquatic potential. The course will also troubleshoot depth-related hurdles such as deep equalization and provide key training techniques to avoid possible injuries applicable to diving within the depth zone of 66 feet/20 meters to 132 feet/40 meters.​

Duration: 3days - min 7hrs academic, 2.5hrs confined water, 4.5hrs open water depth training

Prerequisites: 16+ years old. Fii Level 1 Freediver or Fii Junior Freediver (if applicable) or Waterman Survival EXTENDED certification or equivalent

Level 2 Freediver

Focus Freedive Level 3 Freediver Course

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The F.I.I. Level 3 Freediver is the “black belt” of freediving. Participants learn how to form their own training programs, troubleshoot problems, and implement advanced techniques and dietary requirements to constantly improve as a freediver.

This course is lead by visiting instructors once a year in the San Diego area. 

Duration: 4 days - min 4 open water sessions, 1 pool session, and 3 classroom sessions

Prerequisites: 16+ years old. Fii Level 2 Freediver certification or equivalent

Level 3 Freediver


Focus Freedive Spearfishing Course

The Fii Spearfishing Course is a fully standardized spearfishing program developed by world-renowned spearfishermen and freedivers Cameron Kirkconnell, John Dornellas and Martin Stepanek.​

This innovative course was developed to fulfill the need for spearfishing safety education in the community, with an emphasis on nurturing this craft as the most sustainable and selective method of fishing. Participants leave this course with the skills necessary to be a well-rounded, safe and successful hunters.​

The curriculum includes spearfishing safety, location safety, spearfishing equipment, hunting techniques, spearfishing ethics and catch management. The course manual is one of the most extensive references ever written on the craft of spearfishing. 

Duration: 5hrs classroom; 3 hrs confined water training; optional add-on spearfishing day

Prerequisites: 16+ years of age. Fii Level 1 Freediver or Junior Freediver Certification or equivalent


Focus Freedive Underwater Photography Course

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A comprehensive guide in applying strong photography fundamentals to the unique aspects of freediving. Includes practical on editing and color correction as well as eight unique composition exercises. 

Duration: 4hrs classroom; 3hrs open water; 2hrs practical editing instruction

Prerequisites: 12+ years old. Fii Level 1 Freediver or Junior Freediver certificate or equivalent.

Underwater Photography

Focus Freedive Waterman Survival Course

This specialized course reveals the training methods to handle unexpected breath-hold related situations. The acquired skills will exponentially increase in-water breath-hold confidence and safety as well as management in extreme situations.

Any experienced waterman will easily recall at least one moment in their lives when the power of Mother Nature's ultimate force has pushed them to their limits. During this groundbreaking course, your certified Fii Waterman Survival instructor will dispel common misconceptions and get to the bottom of the true urge to breathe. Participants will learn how to retrain their urge to breathe, increasing their CO2 tolerance and breath-hold abilities while also mastering key specialized safety protocols to ensure effective victim management for breath-hold-related incidents in extreme conditions.

Duration: 1 day - minimum 3hrs academics and 2hrs confined water training

Prerequisites: 12+ years old with medium to high level of in-water comfort and average swimming skills




Focus Freedive Assistant Instructor Course

This program introduces and trains candidates in the F.I.I. teaching methods, standards and procedures, and course operations utilizing the F.I.I. Instructor manual, teaching scripts and Fii Educational System as a tool.

This is Fii entry-level professional certification allowing assistant instructors to co-teach with fully certified Fii instructors and independently supervise or guide already certified freedivers.


Attaining Fii Assistant Instructor certification is a prerequisite to entering the FII Instructor Program.

Duration: 4 days - min 12hrs academics, 4hrs open water, 6hrs confined water training

Prerequisites: 18+ years old. Fii Advanced Freediving Safety, CPR, First Aid, and Oxygen Provider certifications

Assistant Instructor

Focus Freedive Level 1 Instructor Course

Typical instructor course/exam is consisting of, but it is not limited to:

  • Professional Rating Watermanship & Skill Proficiency

  • Academic and Practical Course Overview

  • Risk Management

  • Academic Teaching Evaluation

  • Practical Teaching Evaluation

  • Scheduling and Marketing

  • Final Multiple Choice or Written Exam

Once certified, Fii instructors receive:

1. Agency support in your teaching business operations

2. Fii Freediving Professional Liability Insurance

3. Fii Teaching Aids and Materials

4. Automated Online Student Certifying System

5. Worldwide Exposure on the Fii Instructor & Course Locator

6. Personalized Fii Instructor Online Portal to manage your student database, list public courses, take payments, and more. 

7. Ongoing training support-specialty upgrades

8. Marketing Aids

9. Opportunities for Facility Growth


Duration: Varies

Prerequisites: 18+ years old and Assistant Freedive Instructor rating.

Level 1 Instructor

Focus Freedive Spearfishing Instructor Course

As an Fii professional we strive for excellence in everything we do pertaining to freediving.  This includes many of the specialties that come with it.  Spearfishing is one of those.  If you are an avid spearfisher and are ready to take it up a notch and teach others the art of underwater hunting, as well as continuing to drive home safe practices in one of the highest casualty activities in the water, this is calling your name. 


If you are interested in this upgrade and do not see it on the schedule take that first step and reach out to us!

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisites: Level 1 Fii Instructor rating

Spearfishing Instructor


Focus Freedive Basic Freediving Safety Course

The Basic Freediving Safety Course introduces students to proper freediving supervision and basic safety and rescue procedures used in recreational freediving and spearfishing.

Whether you’re a spearfisher without any formal free-diving education or a spouse, parent, or newbie interested in getting into breath-hold activities, this essential safety information is paramount knowledge for everyone involved in spearfishing and free-diving activities.


This course is popular with spearfishing clubs around the United States and is used as a minimum certification for club membership.


This course should be viewed as a minimum requirement for everyone participating in any form of freediving.

Duration: 1 day - minimum of 3hrs academics and 2hrs confined water training

Prerequisites: 12+ years old with competent swimming skills.

Basic Freediving Safety

Focus Freedive Advanced Freediving Safety Course

The Advanced Freediving Safety Course provides attendees with advanced safety training required for instructors, leaders, event safety staff, or where discipline-specific safety protocols are required.


Fii Advanced Freediving Safety course is for any responsible freediver and/or spearo whom is interested to bring their freediving safety & rescue skills to the next level. Besides incrasing proficiency in basic safety procedures studens will learn additional protocols used for advanced training techniques, challengin environment or various freediving styles, including competitive freediving. 


This course is mandatory for all candidates wishing to enter the Fii professional programs.

Duration: 1 day - minimum of 4hrs academics and 2hrs open water training

Prerequisites: 16+ years old. Minimum Fii Level 1 Freediver or Junior Freediver certification or equivalent

Advanced Freediving Safety

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