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PRO TIP: Get your friends to sign up! The sooner a training session is filled the sooner we can schedule it!

STEP 1: Choose your Membership (choose from the three below). You do not need to be certified to me a member, but some training sessions require certification. Sign up with Google, Facebook, or just your email. 

STEP 2: Check the schedule. If your class is already scheduled, sign up! If not, shoot us an email. 

STEP 3: Receive confirmation email of signup

STEP 4: We'll be in touch regarding scheduling if your course/class isn't already on the calendar

STEP 5: Once a training session is scheduled you'll receive an invitation to join and an invoice if you owe payment.  


These sessions are formembers only

If you enroll for a course without becoming a member you will receive an email requesting that you become a member.
You will NOT be enrolled until you have completed registration. 
Focus Freedive Spearfishing
  • New For Summer!

    Paddy Hopper Membership

    Summer divers rejoice! This one's for you
    Valid for 4 months
    • 4 months of premium membership for the summer!
    • 6 FREE training sessions per month from June - September
    • Mix-and-match sessions with line dives and pool workouts
    • Personal Training Sessions for only $250 ($650 value)
    • Exclusive invitations to members-only events and training
    • Access to all training and events
    • Membership to a strong, certified dive community
    • Access to VIP events and training
  • Bluewater Membership

    Every month
    Perfect for divers looking to up their game
    • NEW! Personal Training Sessions for only $250! ($650 value)
    • 4 FREE training sessions per month
    • Mix-and-match sessions with line dives and pool workouts
    • Exclusive invitations to members-only events and training
    • Exclusive Gear Discounts
    • Access to all training and events
    • Membership to a strong, certified dive community
    • Access to VIP events and training
  • Shallow Reef Membership

    Free Forever Focus Freedive Membership
    Free Plan
    • 1 FREE members-only line dive per month
    • Exclusive invitations to members-only events and training
    • Access to all training and events
    • Membership to a strong, certified dive community

Get a FREE MONTH of memership when you pay for a year in advance

Get a FREE MONTH of membership when you pay for a year in advance


Focus Freedive Line Dive Session

Work on whatever skills and techniques you want with guaranteed certified dive buddies at these Fii sanctioned weekly events. Unless otherwise noted, all line dives take place at La Jolla Shores. Sessions last from 1 - 3 hours and are held on weekends as well as mid-week, based on demand. Maximum of eight divers per session. Members are given priority. Reserve your spot up to one month in advance. 


  • This is NOT a class

  • You MUST be certified

  • Aside from the float, gear is NOT provided


Meetup information will be provided upon purchase. 

$25 per session

Line Dive

Focus Freedive Pool Workout Session

Come with a workout in mind, or ask Focus Freedive for a good workout. Sessions are held once a week and last one hour. All sessions are monitored by certified safety divers. Learn what makes a good pool workout and get the chance to work with the pros on techniques such as water entry, streamlining, warmups, finning technique, mono finning, and no fin dives. 


  • MUST be certified.(Junior divers, Intro to Freediving, and Level 1)

  • Gear is NOT provided

  • Location may change week to week. Please check calendar for your specific date. 

$30 per session

Pool Workout

Struggling with ear pain when you try to go under water? This workshop goes through equalization techniques with a fine tooth comb. We will cover the anatomy of the ear, break down the 3 equalization techniques used in freediving, and teach you how to troubleshoot future issues that may arise as you go deeper. Exercises with Octopus EQ tools (included in the tuition) will help you identify your weaknesses so that you can work on the things you need too most.  Whether you are a complete beginner, or are training to break records, this workshop will help you hone your equalization.

Sessions are held semi-regularly in a classroom setting and last about 2 hours. If you need additional work after this session, come back for another workshop for only $10

$120 per person

EQ Workshop

Focus Freedive Private Training Session Freediving

This full day session allows you to work on whatever you want, wherever you want whether that's in or out of the water. Tackle equalization issues, perfect your technique, improve your breath hold, and reach new depths, all under the guided supervision of an Fii trained instructor. 

Please note, this is a 1-on-1 sessions ONLY.

If you are a Bluewater, Deep Reef, or Paddy Hopper member please note that in your booking email. 


Private Training


Focus Freedive Private Spearfishing Trip

Get on the boat!. Each trip hosts a maximum of 4 divers. Location vary on seasonality, weather, and best fishing practices. Trips generally last 4 - 8 hours. We will boat out to location (generally kelp or blue water). 


  • Location will be finalized on the day of the dive

  • Divers MUST be Fii certified spearfishermen

  • All divers MUST have proof of current fishing license

  • Price will be on a per-boat basis with a MAX of 4 divers per boat

Price Varies



Focus Freedive Full Moon Line Dive Monthly

Take a plunge into the depths with the full moon shining bright! We will be setting up the lines for some fun out of the sun. The weights will be lit with a dive light, and we will have the moon to light the surface. All dives will take place at Kellogg Park. Start times vary. November - May with others TBD. 

Duration: about 3 hours

Prerequisites: Lanyards required. BYO or let us know you need one. Must be a certified diver. Fii, PFI, Molchanovs, AIDA are accepted. If you have a different certification please reach out before signing up.


Full Moon Line Dive

Love the ocean, intrigued by free diving, but still a little intimidated? This session is perfect for you. Learn how to don your gear, get in the water, practice equalizing, and get a feel for being underwater.  Our snorkel groups will be staying in shallow water (15’-20’) where you can observe the local reef species from the surface, or start practicing going down and get a feel for things like equalizing your ears, kicking down, swimming underwater, etc. Each session lasts 2-3 hours. No experience or certification needed.

Recommended gear (bring your own, or please contact us for rental options):

  • Wetsuit

  • Weight Belt

  • Snorkel

  • Mask

  • Fins


La Jolla Snorkel

Focus Freedive La Jolla Snorkel Session

Be the first to know

Coming soon!

Diving Propulsion Vehicle

Spearfishing Focus Freedive

Hire a Photographer

Hire your own personal videographer and photographer as the ultimate add-on to any dive, course, or instruction session. Andrew Ferris has been a professional photographer and videographer for years. You can see much of his work throughout this website. See more of his work HERE.


As one client said, “Andrew James Ferris is video, photo, audio, and editing teams all packed into one brain and one backpack, ready to deploy anywhere in the world. He is a drone wielding, shutter-snap crazy digital storyteller who’s filmed and photographed from Sri Lanka, to the Costa Rican Jungle, to your cousin’s wedding, and your uncle’s real estate company." 

Please click the link below to contact Andrew for more info, rates, and availability. 

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