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Level 1 Instructor. Level 2 Instructor. SI-Basic Freediving Safety. Instructor Trainer. Junior Freediver Instructor. Spearfishing Instructor. Assistant Instructor. SIT-Spearfishing

Owner / Lead Instructor


Brandon Zeek is a passionate freediver and experienced spearfisherman. His journey began while living on Catalina Island in Southern California, where he was able to hone his skills as a freediver and hunter. Having lived there for six years, the experience and knowledge he has gathered is undeniably invaluable. The love for the ocean and his heart for people led him to participate in the organization Diving For A Cause. It gave him the chance to spearfish in places like Baja Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and New Zealand, as well as being able to give back to the communities in those places. Brandon continues to travel for and pursue the sport of spearfishing as well as freediving and daily witnesses the need for education in this unique community. With safety and responsibility being his primary concerns, he has passionately accepted the task of teaching safe and efficient freediving technique through FII. With Martin Stepanek and Mark Lozano as his instructors, he has received nothing but the best in training. Though experienced, Brandon continues to strive for personal best performances and is always seeking to learn more and grow as a diver and hunter.



Brandon Zeek Focus Freedive

Multiple Level 1, 2, Spearfishing, EQ Clinics, and more scheduled for 2024!


Sea Turtle seen on Focus Freedive trip

Level 1 Instructor. SI-Freediving Photography Instructor + Course Creator. Assistant Instructor



Andrew began practicing freediving at the age of ten in the tropical waters of Papua New Guinea. Over the years, breath hold diving has been his doorway to countless underwater worlds, including the magical kelp forests of Catalina Island, the awe-inspiring mermaid landscapes along the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, and the mystical depths of the Blue Hole of Dahab in Egypt. In 2015, during a visit to the island of Maafushi in the Maldives, he was introduced to competitive freediving and embarked on a journey to become an FII Instructor, sharing his lifelong love of the ocean with others. Currently based out of San Diego, Andrew's passion for the ocean extends beyond his freediving pursuits. During his free time out of the water, he can be found wandering the cliff trails of La Jolla Cove with his two dogs, photographing the local Cormorants and Sea Lions.




Level 1 + Underwater Photography

Level 1 Instructor. Assistant Instructor. Spear America San Diego Owner. Riffe Team Diver.



With over two decades immersed in spearfishing, Ryan Moore stands as the driving force behind Spear America San Diego and a distinguished Team Riffe spearguns diver. His aquatic exploits span the globe, offering a wealth of firsthand knowledge. As an instructor, Ryan opens a portal to the mesmerizing world beneath the waves, inviting enthusiasts to explore the depths safely and skillfully. For an extraordinary underwater journey, connect with Ryan?where expertise meets adventure.

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