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Refined Under Pressure


About Us

Focus Freedive started with an idea that no matter where you are diving - whether it's the warm, clear waters of Hawaii, the cold, dark, murky waters of California, or any other location with its own unique conditions - the common denominator to push through physical and mental barriers is focus.  



Level 1 Freediver

Learn the fundamentals of freediving safety and technique.  An essential way to begin your journey into understanding holding your breath while exploring the underwater world.

Level 2 Freediver

Use the foundation you built in freediving technique and safety and continue building your knowledge of your own physiology on a deep dive.  A must for increasing depth comfortably and safely.  This course gives you the tools to dive 100' or deeper!



The best way to a clean and sustainable food source.  Learn how to safely and efficiently hunt fish using the most effective techniques in the sport.

"Brandon is precise, perceptive, safety conscious, a great communicator and listener and a true lover of freediving - in short, a perfect coach. 


I’ve been doing weekly private sessions with Brandon. Even before we started, I was impressed at how inquisitive he was about my goals and making sure our lessons were targeted precisely towards what I wanted to work on. He is the opposite of a “one size fits all” kind of coach, which is why I’ve been able to progress quickly. 


Brandon has a wealth of knowledge on gear, technique, and safety. His expert guidance has enabled me to go deeper than I ever thought possible. Importantly, our sessions are really enjoyable, calming and fun because I can fully trust Brandon to have thought through everything and to have my safety as his priority. As a bonus, my husband and I both agree that Brandon has the most soothing voice during statics’ll just have to experience it for yourself"

- Naomi Laporte

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